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At Green Brothers Earth Works we only sell 100% cypress mulch not a cypress blend. Cypress blends can cause mold and fungus on playground equipment.

A popular gardening choice by many landscape supply users, cypress mulch comes from native cypress trees that grow in the Southeastern area of the United States. Unlike some other mulch, cypress mulch is created from the entire cypress tree.

Used in play areas, and parks, cypress mulch is bug resistant, certified kid safe, doesn’t break down, is weed resistant and will last for up to three years if turned every six months. Cypress mulch is often used as a protective agent and is placed around and over organic matter such as straw, leaves, or plants. It is used to keep moisture from escaping, to stop roots from freezing, to halt the growth of weeds and to deter insects from attacking your carefully-maintained outdoor living environments.

Alpharetta GA Cypress Mulch

The best cypress mulch is made from the inner, darker, more rigid part of a cypress tree and is known as “heartwood.” You want to make sure that any cypress mulch you use contains a high percentage of this wood. Cypress trees that contain this heartwood are typically between 75 and 100 years old, making them more effective in the mulching properties cypress mulch boasts.

In addition to being a good landscaping material, cypress mulch is also aesthetically pleasing. Many gardeners and landscapers choose to use cypress mulch because of its scent and attractiveness. And, because of its versatility, cypress mulch can be incorporated as a part of your gardening decor or used as the sole landscaping material for your landscape’s overall design.

At Green Brothers Earth Works, we sell only the highest-quality cypress mulch. We pride ourselves in offering our Atlanta Metro landscape materials and landscape supply customers the very best in mulching products. We strive to help you create the most attractive, long-lasting outdoor living environment possible.

For your next landscaping project that requires cypress mulch, contact our Atlanta Cypress Mulch Supply Company for the best landscape material and landscape supplies in the Atlanta area.

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