The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!

The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!!!

Atlanta Pavers

A beautiful, long-lasting addition to any home, pavers provide you with an attractive outdoor living environment improvement. With a wide selection of standard and specialized pavers, Green Brothers Earth Works provides you with the best quality of pavers to add both charm and style to your home.

Typically available in natural colors and styles, pavers come in three main types of landscape materials: 1) stone pavers; 2) concrete pavers; and 3) brick pavers. While all are attractive, these three materials have their own pros and cons when it comes to design, cost, installation procedure, technical standards, and application.

Stone Pavers Alpharetta GA

Stone pavers are formed by natural forces and are obtained by either mining at a natural stone deposit (a quarry) or collected from a rock outcrop. Stone pavers are not manufactured or man-made, but are a purely naturally-formed landscape material.

Concrete and brick pavers are manufactured by a technical procedure that involves the combining of raw materials and firing those materials at extreme temperatures at an industrial plant.

Marietta Brick Pavers

Installing an attractive, paved flooring or walkway with pavers is simple. They can be easily placed on a dry, sand bed and arranged to create a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of your outdoor living environments. And, the advantage of laying pavers is that since they are dry-laid, you can easily adjust them if you make a mistake in arranging them. Pavers can be set into place by sweeping sand between the pavers to hold them in place and prevent shifting. You can also cement or mortar pavers into place, but this proves to be a bit more difficult than using the sweeping method.

Green Brothers Earth Works carries a variety of brand name pavers. Visit or contact one of our four Atlanta Pavers locations for the purchase of your landscaping pavers for your next paver project.

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