The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!

The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!!!

Atlanta Flower Mix Soil

When Purchasing topsoil you have to know what region you are in. Georgia has a clay-based topsoil. Sure it is great and has its place, but it may not be the best for your situation.

If you are purchasing soil for your garden, we recommend our flower mix soil. Our flower mix soil can be used up to 6” deep or mixed into your existing soil. When applying deeper than 6 inches we recommend using the landscaper’s mix. The landscaper’s mix contains 50% Georgia topsoil and 50% flower mix. This will prevent the soil from settling. Applying compost at one foot deep will only result in approximately 8 inches the following year due to Settling.

Compost has no nutrient value. Applying granite sand and earth food changes the nutrient value and taking this approach is how we create our flower mix.

Nothing adds more beauty and aesthetic appeal to any landscaping project than beds of lovely, healthy, well-maintained flowers. And, avid gardeners will tell you that one of their greatest pleasures is watching their gardens transform from seeds into luscious fruit, wholesome vegetables, and vibrant flowers. Starting with just the right landscape materials will get even a novice gardener off to a great-looking flower bed or vegetable garden creation.

Green Brothers Earth Works flower mix is just the flower mix you need for the beginning of a car-stopping flower bed or garden. Our quality, result-producing flower mix is your landscape material for flower beds, perennial gardens, tree plantings, shrub planting, and lawn planting or refurbishing.

Alpharetta GA Flower Mix

To prepare your flower bed or perennial bed for planting, you should first roto-till the soil to a depth of two to four inches. Next, deposit two to four inches of Green Brothers Flower Mix on top of the roto-tilled soil and continue mixing the flower mix with the original soil. Then, you are ready to plant.

You can also place our specially-prepared flower mix on top of existing soil, up to a depth of six inches deep for planting flowers, perennial garden plants and vegetables directly into the soil. Due to the settling property of flower mix, you shouldn’t use it deeper than six inches as it is ineffective at that point.

For trees and shrubs, use a combination of 50 percent existing soil with 50 percent flower mix. Our Green Brothers Flower Mix, developed by James Hulen in 1964, known for his famous rose garden, contains thirteen different micro nutrients, so you can be assured that it is the best available in the Atlanta Metro area. Ask the Atlanta Rose Society whose soil they prefer.

Next time you have planting to do, remember to contact our Atlanta Flower Mix Soil Company to purchase some of our amazing, satisfaction-guaranteed flower mix.

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