The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!

The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!!!


Green Brothers Earth Works offers Aquasorb. Comprised of a network of water-soluble polymers, Aquasorb retains and absorbs water and nutrients, enhancing the capacity of soils to increase plant growth, even in difficult climates. Depending on the application, the particles sizes of Aquasorb range from 0.3 to 4.0 millimeters, or 300 – 4,000 microns.

When Aquasorb comes in contact with water (during wet conditions), polymers expand through osmosis, and the liquid is stored as a gel within the structure of soil. When conditions are dry, Aquasorb benefits soil by releasing water to the roots of plants when they need it most. Whether applied directly to soil through landscaping, sod placement, and turf, or incorporated into a substrate for potting mixtures, Aquasorb saves on cost, fertilizer, labor, and is convenient and easy to use.

Improve Plant Survival Rate

Without question, Aquasorb is an ideal solution that improves the health and survival rate of plants, making water and micronutrients readily available within the root zone. Even in hot, dry, and stressful conditions, quicker and better root growth is promoted, as liquid is released. By reducing evaporation from soil and improving plant respiration, there is lasting protection against drought and a notable decrease in bedding plant loss.

AQUASORB™ – Moisture and Nutrient retention

  • Minimize Water use between 20-30%
  • Improve plant root system
  • Enhance overall plant health
  • Extend shelve life

For growers and those marketing plants using Aquasorb, the shelf life is extended and the properties of soil are maintained, even in the transport process. In addition, consumers benefit from energy savings, while irrigation cycles are reduced by 20-25%. This is a tremendous benefit, as frequent watering is often annoying, messy, and increases labor costs.

Minimize Sod Installation Stress

While creating a beautiful landscape, installation of sod can be the perfect finishing touch for any property. Yet, there are obvious concerns in how each pallet of sod should be treated, not to mention careful examination and preparation of the soil and specific rules regarding irrigation and fertilizer. Thus, as a way to minimize stress associated with sod installation and turf application, Aquasorb enables soil to retain moisture close to the turf root system. This increases the efficiency of fertilizer for newly planted sod, while irrigation is reduced dramatically.

AQUASORB™ for Sod Installation

  • Minimize sod transplanting stress
  • Aids in quicker root growth
  • Minimize water use
  • Maintain uniform green color

Aquasorb encourages quicker rooting and health sod growth, as well as protecting it from heat and dry conditions. Without a doubt, sod survival increases and the overall lifespan of sod is extended.

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