The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!

The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!!!

Atlanta Landscape Timbers

6 x 6 TimbersNothing completes a landscaping project more than a well-appointed hardscape. And, some of the most versatile, attractive, and functional landscape materials for constructing decorative borders, retaining walls, and edgings are landscaping timbers or railroad ties. Green Brothers Earth Works procures the very best in these landscaping materials.

At Green Brothers Earth Works, we stock 6 x 6 x 8, #3 treated landscape timbers that are sure to help you create a sturdy, durable wall, driveway line or other landscape structure. And if landscaping timbers aren’t your style, we stock the very best in #1 railroad ties as well.

Alpharetta GA Railroad Ties

Railroad TilesRailroad ties and landscaping timbers can be used to create all kinds of decorative and functional landscape structures. Inexpensive and easily-installed landscape materials, landscape timbers and railroad ties are a great alternative to brick or block landscape construction materials. These sturdy landscaping materials can be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally stacked, staggered front to back and top to bottom to create a variety of garden borders, risers for stairs terraces or retaining walls. They can be angled, stood upright or set in a weave pattern to create a unique fence, line a walkway or contain a flower bed. Jumbled, landscape timbers or railroad ties can be placed among boulders to create an artistic, outdoor living environment.

Marietta Building Material

As an added bonus, the use of landscape timbers and railroad ties in outdoor living environment areas makes lawn and garden maintenance easier. Division of lawn areas from garden areas with durable landscape material is will protect sprinklers from damage, make mowing easier and eliminate the worry of damaging fragile plants or other less sturdy landscaping materials with edgers.

Easy to work with and install, railroad ties or landscape timbers incorporated into your outdoor living environment design will enhance your landscape and decrease your ground maintenance labor costs.

When you find yourself in the market for quality landscape timbers or railroad ties, contact our Atlanta Landscape Timbers Company at Green Brothers Earth Works landscape material and landscape supply center for the purchase of quality landscape materials and landscape supplies.

Not all locations have railroad ties due to space and availability. Call for availability.

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Atlanta Pavers

A beautiful, long-lasting addition to any home, pavers provide you with an attractive outdoor living environment improvement. With a wide selection of standard and specialized pavers, Green Brothers Earth Works provides you with the best quality of pavers to add both charm and style to your home.

Typically available in natural colors and styles, pavers come in three main types of landscape materials: 1) stone pavers; 2) concrete pavers; and 3) brick pavers. While all are attractive, these three materials have their own pros and cons when it comes to design, cost, installation procedure, technical standards, and application.

Stone Pavers Alpharetta GA

Stone pavers are formed by natural forces and are obtained by either mining at a natural stone deposit (a quarry) or collected from a rock outcrop. Stone pavers are not manufactured or man-made, but are a purely naturally-formed landscape material.

Concrete and brick pavers are manufactured by a technical procedure that involves the combining of raw materials and firing those materials at extreme temperatures at an industrial plant.

Marietta Brick Pavers

Installing an attractive, paved flooring or walkway with pavers is simple. They can be easily placed on a dry, sand bed and arranged to create a beautiful addition to the aesthetics of your outdoor living environments. And, the advantage of laying pavers is that since they are dry-laid, you can easily adjust them if you make a mistake in arranging them. Pavers can be set into place by sweeping sand between the pavers to hold them in place and prevent shifting. You can also cement or mortar pavers into place, but this proves to be a bit more difficult than using the sweeping method.

Green Brothers Earth Works carries a variety of brand name pavers. Visit or contact one of our four Atlanta Pavers locations for the purchase of your landscaping pavers for your next paver project.

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Atlanta Sod Dressing

Sod DressingMany homeowners in the Atlanta area have an interest in leveling their lawn and creating a beautiful yard. Green Brothers Earth Works is the leading provider of sod dressing & topsoil in the Atlanta area.

Alpharetta Leveling Lawns

If you are interested in sod dressing for your yard, you are in the right place. Depending on what time of year it is when you are reading this information, you may need to have a little patience.

Companies that do sod dressing for a living need to work year round. Customers need to wait until their grass is green and growing fast, this means they have cut it at least 2 or 3 times before putting down sod dressing. This can be done any time from May thru August.

Level Lawns Marietta GA

Instructions: Scalp the grass first. Fill in low areas up to ½”. Do not cover sod completely, leave a little stubble showing. After all spots have been filled, then you are ready to cover your whole yard. Make sure you level the sod dressing after it rains heavily or the sod dressing is disturbed.

Contact Our Sod Dressing Company Today!

If you need sod dressing to level your yard, please call or contact our Atlanta Sod Dressing Company today to schedule your delivery.


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Atlanta Sod Supplier

Warm weather conjures up visions of long lazy days, spent outdoors enjoying the beauty of lush, green grass in your fabulous outdoor living environment. Here in Metro Atlanta, laying the correct variety of sod will assure that you have an opportunity to make your outdoor dream yard a reality. But, before you grade your yard for that new lawn, make sure you have all the facts about sod that will thrive here and sod that won’t.

Grasses that do well in the Atlanta area include Fescue, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Each has its own individual advantages and disadvantages as well as different looks and different maintenance requirements. Opting for the right landscape materials for the right area of the country is the first step in obtaining that look you want from your landscaping.

Fescue sod is a great choice if you want green grass all year round. Performing best with some afternoon shade, fescue will remain healthy in appearance in full sun if you water often and have a good drainage system for those rainy Georgia moments. While not as tolerant of the Atlanta weather as Bermuda, Fescue is a good choice here. Do keep in mind that since it is green all year round, it will require all year round maintenance.

Bermuda Sod Alpharetta GA

Bermuda is a good choice for sunny hot terrain areas, and performs poorly in shade. A green, dense, high-maintenance sod, Bermuda is found in many metro Atlanta golf courses, is a popular choice for many Atlanta homeowners, is used in high-traffic and play areas as well. Bermuda grass can thrive in poor clay soil, but performs best in sandy clay or soils. Irrigation isn’t necessary; however, it will enhance the performance and appearance of Bermuda sod during dry spells.

Zoysia Sod Marietta

Meyer Zoysia, a creeping, slow growing, warm weather sod, produces a rich green color when properly maintained. Meyer Zoysia forms a dense turf that limits weed encroachment and thrives in locations with full sun to partial shade. Its lush appearance and adaptability characteristics make Meyer Zoysia an excellent sod for residential, commercial, and golf course lawns in the Metro Atlanta area.

Green Brothers Earth Works sells some of the best in Fescue, Bermuda, and Meyer Zoysia sod landscape materials. Contact our Atlanta Sod Supplier first when you need sod.

We proudly provide sod delivery to the following cities and surrounding areas:

Atlanta Flagstone Supplier

Flagstone, being a flat, uncut sedimentary stone, with an attractive, naturally-flat surface is a popular landscaping material choice for patios, sidewalks and driveways. This landscape material provides homeowners with a cost effective way to accomplish a classy, beautiful, stylish landscaping finish.

A sedimentary rock, composed of quartz and up to 15 percent Muscovite Mica, flagstone has a bluish hue and is cut or split into layers to be used as a finishing landscape material for enhancing the look of walkways, patios, retaining walls, and outside stairs. Flagstone is a type of sandstone that is popular as a natural-looking landscape material for the creation of various outdoor living environment structures as well.

Alpharetta GA Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is cemented into place with materials composed of silica, calcium, or iron oxide. Each of these substances makes its own contribution to the color of a particular flagstone design finish, with red, blue, buff and chocolate being the most often seen colors for this type of landscape material. Used for patios, walkways, steps, fences, housing, fireplaces and other outdoor construction projects, flagstone provides outdoor living environments with a medieval European look.

Marietta Flagstone Products

At Green Brothers Earth Works, we carefully select our flagstone to provide our customers with the highest-quality, well-shaped flagstone landscape material available. You can depend on our expert eye to select and stock the very best in flagstone landscaping materials. We offer our customers our experienced advice on each landscaping project they bring to us and use our knowledge to help you pick the appropriate materials for your particular landscaping objective.

With four Atlanta Metro locations, including Alpharetta, Marietta, Buford and Norcross, Green Brothers Earth Works wants to be your go-to landscape materials and landscape supplies vendor for the purchase of all your flagstone needs.

Come by or contact our Atlanta Flagstone Supply Company today for pricing on our exceptional selection of flagstone landscaping products.

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Atlanta Stacked Stone Supplier

Stacked stones, used for walls, table tops, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor benches, and outdoor fire pits are a glamorous addition to any outdoor living environment. Historically used in the construction of retaining walls, stacked stone is an attractive, timeless landscaping material for the creation of a beautiful and functional outdoor living and entertainment area.

Many landscape designers will use large landscape boulders as the focal point of a lawn, garden, pool landscaping or other landscape project. At Green Brothers Earth Works, you can find large landscape boulders that will make a great addition to your landscaping project.

Alpharetta GA Stacked Stone Product

Structures built from stacked stone are usually built against a berm or slight hill area. These structures are constructed without mortar, making them a landscaping addition that naturally drains moisture from soil and shifts to accommodate the ground when it freezes. Providing a historic look, stacked stone is a popular construction material for landscaping.

Most stacked stone structures more than three feet high are a bit unstable and must be supported by some form of concrete footing. Some modern stacked stone structures are reinforced with steel rods, concrete rods or wire baskets filled with rocks to ensure that they don’t overturn or slide, causing a risk of personal injury or property damage.

Marietta Stone

Stacked stones come in a variety of looks. Cut field stone, granite and other rocks are typically used for a uniform, even look. For a more natural look, you can use stones that are uncut but are somewhat flat and angular.

Care must be taken when planning the installation of a stacked stone outdoor structure as their stability depends on the weight and mass of the stones that you build your outdoor structure with. To be on the safe side, you want to use stacked stone in a dry location with a good drainage system in place to assure that groundwater doesn’t exert enough earth pressure to topple your wall.

When built properly, stacked stone is a beautiful, long-lasting landscaping material. Contact our Atlanta Stacked Stone Supplier at Green Brothers Earth Works for expert advice on building your stacked-stone structure and to purchase the best stacked stone product available in the Atlanta Metro area.

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Atlanta Gravel Supplier

Many homeowners and outdoor living environment creators prefer the use of gravel or rock as their landscape material of choice for lining beds and other outdoor living areas. Gravel, pebbles, and rocks offer an alternative to traditional mulch to create a different landscaping look. With many of the same advantages as mulch materials, these inorganic mulch materials prove to be decorative and useful landscaping materials to create a personalized landscaping statement.

Some folks choose to use gravel landscaping materials because of its lack of decomposition properties; and, while gravel doesn’t require annual replacement, it may have some potential drawbacks of its own. Before choosing gravel as a landscaping material for the enhancement of your outdoor living environments, consider the compatibility of a gravel product with your overall landscape design. In general, inorganic landscaping materials are suitable for rock gardens, herb gardens, or Japanese designed areas, but may not be an appropriate material for perennial flowerbeds or foundation plantings.

Alpharetta GA Gravel Stone Products

We offer a wide variety of inorganic landscape materials that include:

  • #57 Granite#57 granite – used as drainage rock and great for use with French drains or under decks to mask mud.
  • Surge StoneSurge Stones – granite stones that range from baseball size to basketball size; used to line creeks or at the ends of culverts to keep soil from eroding.
  • Pea PebblesPea Pebbles – a #7 river rock that is ¼ inch to ½ inch in diameter; used for walkways, fish tanks, driveways, pathways and under decks.
  • Deco PebblesDeco Pebbles – a #4 stone, ranging in size from nickel size to half-dollar size; used in creek beds, around pathways, walkways, and driveways as a mulch substitute.
  • Crush & Run – crushed granite in combination with #57 stone; used as a base for driveways, parking pads, pavers and the like.
  • River SlicksRiver Slicks – three to twelve inch river stones; used in dry creek beds and to line flower beds.
  • Egg RockEgg Rock – 2-4″ inch egg rocks; used under decks around pools, and in dry creek beds.
  • Medium Slate ChipsMedium Slate Chips – ranging in size from 1” to 4” – used for a wide variety of landscape purposes.
  • Large Crimson StoneLarge Crimson Stone – ranging in size from 1” to 3” – used as a decorative mulch, stone that will last much longer than regular mulch.
  • Mini Crimson StoneMini Crimson Stone – ranging in size from ¼” to ¾” – used on driveways, trails, walkways etc…
  • mini slate chipsMini Slate Chips – ranging in size from 3/8” to 1” – primarily used for driveway’s, walkways or trails.
  • #34 Stone#34 Stone- Ranging in size from 1” to 4” – used during new construction on driveways etc…
  • 89 Stone#89 Stone – ranging in size from 1/8” to 3/8” – decorative stone primarily used for pathways, walkways, trails and other landscaping purposes.
  • River Boulders

Contact our Atlanta Gravel Suppliers at Green Brothers Earth Works when you need gravel landscaping materials or landscaping supplies.

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Atlanta Flower Mix Soil

When Purchasing topsoil you have to know what region you are in. Georgia has a clay-based topsoil. Sure it is great and has its place, but it may not be the best for your situation.

If you are purchasing soil for your garden, we recommend our flower mix soil. Our flower mix soil can be used up to 6” deep or mixed into your existing soil. When applying deeper than 6 inches we recommend using the landscaper’s mix. The landscaper’s mix contains 50% Georgia topsoil and 50% flower mix. This will prevent the soil from settling. Applying compost at one foot deep will only result in approximately 8 inches the following year due to Settling.

Compost has no nutrient value. Applying granite sand and earth food changes the nutrient value and taking this approach is how we create our flower mix.

Nothing adds more beauty and aesthetic appeal to any landscaping project than beds of lovely, healthy, well-maintained flowers. And, avid gardeners will tell you that one of their greatest pleasures is watching their gardens transform from seeds into luscious fruit, wholesome vegetables, and vibrant flowers. Starting with just the right landscape materials will get even a novice gardener off to a great-looking flower bed or vegetable garden creation.

Green Brothers Earth Works flower mix is just the flower mix you need for the beginning of a car-stopping flower bed or garden. Our quality, result-producing flower mix is your landscape material for flower beds, perennial gardens, tree plantings, shrub planting, and lawn planting or refurbishing.

Alpharetta GA Flower Mix

To prepare your flower bed or perennial bed for planting, you should first roto-till the soil to a depth of two to four inches. Next, deposit two to four inches of Green Brothers Flower Mix on top of the roto-tilled soil and continue mixing the flower mix with the original soil. Then, you are ready to plant.

You can also place our specially-prepared flower mix on top of existing soil, up to a depth of six inches deep for planting flowers, perennial garden plants and vegetables directly into the soil. Due to the settling property of flower mix, you shouldn’t use it deeper than six inches as it is ineffective at that point.

For trees and shrubs, use a combination of 50 percent existing soil with 50 percent flower mix. Our Green Brothers Flower Mix, developed by James Hulen in 1964, known for his famous rose garden, contains thirteen different micro nutrients, so you can be assured that it is the best available in the Atlanta Metro area. Ask the Atlanta Rose Society whose soil they prefer.

Next time you have planting to do, remember to contact our Atlanta Flower Mix Soil Company to purchase some of our amazing, satisfaction-guaranteed flower mix.

Flower Mix   Landscape Mix

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Atlanta Bio Mix Soil

The purpose of a bio mix is to have the microorganisms eat an oil before it returns to our streams. With the proper mix of 60% river sand, 30% compost, and 10% topsoil, this can be achieved.

Remember the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? The contractors that were in charge of containing the oil spill sprayed organisms onto the oil spill and the organisms ate the oil. Our bio mix soil uses the same principles and the same technology.

Using our bio mix soil in and around your retention ponds is an excellent idea as the right soil will help eliminate some oils that can be found in most retention ponds . Retention ponds are an important part of our communities and neighborhoods. Green Brothers Earth Works is the leading Atlanta provider of Bio Mix soil for retention ponds in the greater Atlanta area.

Alpharetta Rentention Pond Soil

Bio Mix Soil replaces the empty retention ponds seen in neighborhoods and commercial sights. The original of retention ponds was to slow down the water being released into streams during heavy rains. We now realize that the oils and other contaminants coming off the asphalt in parking lots can be filtered and cleaned with bio mix retention ponds.

Georgia Bio Mix Soil Provider

Bio Mix Soil is the natural filter for our contaminants. Green Brothers is the leader in mixing bio mixes for retention ponds in the Atlanta market and surrounding areas. We do all types of special blends.

Contact Us for your Bio Mix Soil Today!

If you are looking for Bio Soil Mix products for your retention pond, please call or contact our Atlanta Bio Mix Soil Company today for a quote.

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Atlanta Topsoil

Top SoilMost large-scale landscaping projects will require topsoil. When and where to use a topsoil landscaping material is sometimes a mystery to the average gardener. Professional landscapers, though, know the value of using quality topsoil in their landscaping projects. At Green Brothers Earth Works, we sell only the highest quality topsoil. Our topsoil is debris-free, providing a great landscaping product that is easy to use by both weekend gardeners and professional landscapers.

Landscaping Topsoil Alpharetta GA

Topsoil is good clean healthy soil. Typically, topsoil is created by sifting and screening soil to remove any sticks, rocks or other contaminants. Topsoil is not usually infused with fertilizer, but is a good rich soil anyway.

Gwinnett County Topsoil

Some of the many uses for topsoil include:

  • If your planting area has poor soil quality, you can increase the richness of the soil by mixing topsoil and compost with the present soil.
  • Top soil is the top 18” of Georgia soil, a clay base soil.
  • Green Brothers Earth Works screens this soil to make it more pliable and easy to move.
  • GA Top Soil has many uses – back filling walls, leveling sod areas prior to laying sod.
  • Farmers have been growing vegetables in GA Top soil for years. GA Top Soil has a 4.5 to 6.5 average PH level.

Contact our Atlanta Top Soil Company for the best topsoil in the Atlanta Metro area.

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