The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!

The Best Landscape Materials Delivered to Your Door!!!

Atlanta Sand Supplier

Green Brothers Earth Works does not sell manufactured sand for our sand boxes or any other applications.  Manufactured sand is a carcinogen and very dangerous to our children.

Sand has a number of uses in many landscaping projects. Finding high-quality river or white sand is just a phone call away when you rely on Green Brothers Earth Works for your landscape materials and landscape supplies.

Used in concrete, masonry, stucco, and to serve as filler between paving stones, outdoor tiles, and rocks, sand is an affordable alternative to other expensive landscape filler materials. Use sand to mix with loam to create a sand-loam mixture for plants which prefer dry soils to eliminate the need for extra diligence in keeping these areas dry. Sand is also a useful landscape material in the preparation of flowerbeds for tropical, sand-loving plants. Using sand in these types of beds will enable you to create an attractive, tropical outdoor living environment.

River Sand Alpharetta GA

River SandRiver sand, typically used to manufacture mortar and concrete for stone and brick work, is plentiful at Green Brothers Earth Works. River sand is a good alternative to costly bagged sand for use in sandboxes, as a cushion under above-ground pools, and as a top-dressing for lawns. Used in soil mixes, sod dressing and earth food manure, river sand is a great additive to gardening mixes to add bulk to your landscape growing materials as well. At Green Brothers Earth Works we sell only the finest in river sand.

White Sand Marietta

White SandWhite sand is a useful landscaping material, and is the most often used type of sand to fill sandboxes and play boxes. Clean and affordable, white sand makes a great looking sandbox or play area. Beware though, cats like white sand, so you’ll want to make sure you have a cover for your sandbox.

For your landscape sand needs, contact us at our Atlanta Sand Suppliers. We’ll help you determine which sand will work best for your particular landscaping project, determine how much you need, and deliver it to your home or work area for use in your next outdoor living environment project.

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Atlanta Cypress Mulch Supplier

At Green Brothers Earth Works we sell 100% shredded cypress mulch not a cypress blend. However, we also carry a cypress chip blend. Both products can be used for playgrounds, pathways, as well as a decorative landscape mulch.

A popular gardening choice by many landscape supply users, cypress mulch comes from native cypress trees that grow in the Southeastern area of the United States. Unlike some other mulch, cypress mulch is created from the entire cypress tree.

Used in play areas, and parks, cypress mulch is bug resistant, certified kid safe, doesn’t break down, is weed resistant and will last for up to three years if turned every six months. Cypress mulch is often used as a protective agent and is placed around and over organic matter such as straw, leaves, or plants. It is used to keep moisture from escaping, to stop roots from freezing, to halt the growth of weeds and to deter insects from attacking your carefully-maintained outdoor living environments.

Alpharetta GA Cypress Mulch

The best cypress mulch is made from the inner, more rigid part of a cypress tree and is known as “heartwood.” You want to make sure that any cypress mulch you use contains a high percentage of this wood. Cypress trees that contain this heartwood are typically between 75 and 100 years old, making them more effective in the mulching properties cypress mulch boasts.

In addition to being a good landscaping material, cypress mulch is also aesthetically pleasing. Many gardeners and landscapers choose to use cypress mulch because of its scent and attractiveness. And, because of its versatility, cypress mulch can be incorporated as a part of your gardening decor or used as the sole landscaping material for your landscape’s overall design.

At Green Brothers Earth Works, we sell only the highest-quality cypress mulch. We pride ourselves in offering our Atlanta Metro landscape materials and landscape supply customers the very best in mulching products. We strive to help you create the most attractive, long-lasting outdoor living environment possible.

For your next landscaping project that requires cypress mulch, contact our Atlanta Cypress Mulch Supply Company for the best landscape material and landscape supplies in the Atlanta area.

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Atlanta Pine Bark Mulch Products

We carry Pine bark nuggets, Pine bark mini, and Pine bark mulch. Used around trees and shrubs to enhance natural areas and to help keep weeds down and preserve the moisture in the ground. This product is great around acid loving plants (slick leaf evergreens).

As with most landscaping materials, mulching trees and shrubs reduces landscape maintenance while keeping plants, trees and flowers healthy. Mulch helps conserve moisture, resulting in a 10 to 25 percent reduction in soil moisture loss from evaporation. Also, mulches help keep soil well-aerated by reducing soil compaction caused by rain and reducing water runoff and soil erosion too. By preventing soil and fungi from splashing on foliage, mulch reduces the possibly of soil-borne diseases infesting your landscaping plants.

Mulching eliminates the need for you to mow around trees and shrubs and provides a physical barrier which helps prevent damage to outdoor living environments from lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Applying a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch is an adequate amount of mulch to prevent most weed seeds from germinating.

Alpharetta Pine Mulch

Pine mulch is a popular mulching landscape material for many Atlanta Metro area homes and business. Also referred to as pine bark or pine nuggets, this landscaping product is dyed to produce brown, black or red mulch. Dyed with a biodegradable dye, pine mulch is a safe, nutritional material to use around even the most fragile of plants. Pine mulch is basically just ground up pine wood that makes attractive mulch for flower beds, landscape beds, and large natural areas. Taking longer than hardwood mulches to turn into top soil, pine mulch lasts a bit longer than hardwood varieties, resulting in less expense for replacement mulch.

Marietta Pine Mulch Landscaping Material

At Green Brothers Earth Works, we sell only the highest-quality pine mulch and are conscientious to make sure that our product contains nothing but pine mulch. We use no filler materials and assure you that your pine mulch is the best available.

When you need pine mulch landscaping material for the creation or enhancement of your outdoor living environments, contact Atlanta Pine Mulch Products  for the best pine mulch in the Atlanta Metro area.

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Atlanta Mulch Supplier

Dyed BrownGreen Brothers Earth Works carries eleven (11) different types of mulches with different textures, color, and prices. All mulches will help retain moisture in the ground so plants will grow healthier. As these mulches break down, they add top soil to your ground. As good top soil is developed, worms will move in adding nutrients. Pine bark mulches will break down the quickest, then hardwood barks, then the dyed products. All mulches will last approximately one (1) year; although, cypress mulch may last longer if turned every 6 months with a pitchfork. You should put mulch down at 2″ thick. Any less not enough, any more overkill. You will have to mulch every year. The second year, you should put down another 2″. By the 3rd year, you will have a good base of top soil. You will only need 1″ of mulch to top dress your gardens.

Alpharetta Mulch Products

Some of the many benefits you can experience from a mulch application include:

  • Protection from soil erosion
  • Reduction of soil compaction from the impact of rain
  • Conservation of moisture, resulting in less need for watering
  • Maintenance of even soil temperatures
  • Prevention of weed growth in flower beds, garden beds, and outdoor living environments
  • Cleanliness of fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself
  • Cleanliness of shoes after walking through outdoor living environments
  • Enhancement of visual appeal of your garden or yard

Marietta Organic Mulch

Organic mulches have the added advantage of the ability to improve the condition of your soil because as organic mulch decomposes, it provides organic matter which helps loosen soil, improve root growth, increase water infiltration and improve the water-holding capacity of soil. By providing plant nutrients to soil, organic mulch creates an ideal environment for soil organisms and earthworms to replenish it.

Green Brothers Earth Works offers the very best in organic mulch. Our red-, black- and brown-dyed mulches are beautiful, do not attract termites, are long lasting and provide you with the many benefits that all organic mulches provide. Our hardwood mulch, made from shredded hardwoods, is natural in color and is a popular landscape material choice. We also carry a 100 percent natural hardwood bark mulch.

Nutra MulchNutra-Mulch, a manure and peanut hull landscaping material, is great to use around flowers, perennials, vegetables and natural areas to bring up the pH in the soil, attracting worms and providing nutrients back into the soil to nourish your plants and flowers.

You’ll want the best for your next landscaping project. Contact our Atlanta Mulch Suppliers today for just the right mulch to enhance the beauty of your landscaping.

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